At Rain Dogs Trucking we take safety seriously and subscribe to the highest standards of trucking safety. It takes significant steps to maintain its strong safety record. The safety of our drivers always comes first.


Regular Inspections. Federal guidelines require truck safety inspections one time each year. We inspect our fleet every four months with a full U.S.D.O.T. checklist of items.

In-house Staff. We don’t leave safety to others. We have two full-time certified inspectors on staff so regular safety inspections don’t turn into significant down-time for our fleet.

Safety Equipment. Our regular inspections ensure that all required safety equipment is installed, in working order, and drivers know how to use it.

Cargo Safety. All freight is sealed and inspected before leaving the shipper to minimize the possibility of cargo claims. From the shipper to the receiver, Rain Dogs does its part the freight arrives safely from A to B.

Onboard GPS. GPS-enabled electronic onboard recorders (EOBRs) supplied by Omnitrac ensure that drivers’ schedules meet federal requirements for required rest.

Safety Policy. We have safety enforcement policies that monitors driver performance and take appropriate steps to encourage safe behavior and a professional attitude.


You can look up the current Rain Dogs Trucking CSA score at CSA Score Search. For the search, use the our DOT number: 1430510

If you have a specific question about our safety standards or scores – please contact us by calling 708-898-4900, ext. 3000 or 3001.